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  1. Hi all,

    My name is Tony Zhou Shuo and I am a concept artist based in Singapore. I started working in entertainment industry after receiving my honours degree in computer science from National University of Singapore, since then I have contributed to the making of multiple AAA video games, feature movies, architecture, toys etc. My client includes MPC, Ubisoft, Sphero and some others that I cannot disclose yet. I have always had a strong affection for tech and helping realizing them brings much joy to me.

    Here are some sci-fi works I did in past years and you can find more here - http://artofzs.com

    tony-zhou-shuo-shot002.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-shot005.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-hangar02.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-soundbarrier01.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-aw-week05crop01-tonyzhoushuo.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-aw-week06-wip02b-4k-tonyzhoushuo.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-aw-keyframe01-wip03b-tonyzhoushuo.jpg 2500d.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-aw-week05a-tonyzhoushuo.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-tonyzhoushuo06032017.jpg 005_1080.jpg 003.jpg tony-zhou-shuo-aw-week07b-wip03c-tonyzhoushuo.jpg
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  2. welcom! nice works! I recommend you to submit to our imt-Xprize illustration challenge! have you seen it!? Did you work at FZD?
  3. Thanks Barmak! Definitely interested in taking part in the challenge- not sure if I can finish it by the deadline but will give it a try!
    Nope I didn't work at FZD :)
  4. I really like the desert setting you have (9th image you have attached) I was thinking of some war zone setting like that and having some AI agents or drones that detects victims or something around that line. but feel free to explore the website in the Xprize submit section there are couple of engineers who have posted couple of ideas and they are looking for collaborators to team up with for the competition. if you didn't make it on deadline we may be able to include it in our online exhibition extension.
  5. Hi Tony, Dr.Heshmat recommended me your name. I mailed you my ideas for X-Prize challenge at tnounsy@gmail.com. Kindly help me to look it better.

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