Featured Themed rides with self driving cars! A multi billion dollar ideas are to appear here

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Barmak, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. As the self-driving car matures, the transportation and service world will fuse. I can see numerous start-up ideas
    that can go under this category. From cars that give you a massage and tell you about your health all
    the way to cars that provide your breakfast or lunch on the go.

    The sketch shows a McDonalds concept car that has food machines inside to serve fast food on the go.
    Barmak Imaginarium of Technolgoy 1-4.jpg
    Also there will be a large set of start-ups that tap into human behavior and traffic patterns
    (e.g. school time, tourist areas, etc.) to make business out of autonomous transportation. There is a chance that
    majority of the self driving cars will be owned by major service providers. For example large portion of self-driving
    cars in Florida may be owned by Disney and hotel brand chains.

    Conceived and sketched by Barmak Heshmat on March 2016 -ranked 3rd on the exhibition
    Showcased in the MIT media lab Imaginarium of Technology 1st exhibition on April 2016.
    Endorsements: TOYOTA,
    Announcements: Lyft on Sept 2016

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