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  1. Hi,

    I am a Dutch 3D Concept Artist currently living in Rome. I worked on projects such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Star Citizen, mainly specializing in Hard Surface and Environment design both Sci Fi and Historical. I always aim to make my designs believable and grounded and adhere to the rules of physics and logic.

    More images are on my portfolio at : https://www.artstation.com/artist/jortvanwelbergen

    Colony ship launched final.jpg Drone folded closed.jpg Drone folded open.jpg drone full shot.jpg drone side shot v1.jpg Echo 11 control.jpg Echo 11 security paint.jpg jo Orbital Station v4.jpg jort-van-welbergen-fan-art.jpg jort-van-welbergen-lrlrm-arrival-at-mars-v6.jpg jort-van-welbergen-pws-raptor-assault-rifle.jpg jort-van-welbergen-titel-image.jpg Moonfish(final).jpg Orbital Station v4.jpg Rover front.jpg Rover rear.jpg tank factory concept v11.jpg z Drone s.jpg
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  2. Welcome Jort! Thanks for joining IMT again! ^_^
  3. Nice to have you here Jort. I look forward to your entries.

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