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    I'm James Lewis, I'm a Concept Artist working in the UK and currently based at the UK's National Space Centre. I design mostly for the Entertainment Industry in VR and on Fulldome Planetarium FIlms while also contributing to more serious scientific projects such as the Google Lunar X project (http://lunar.xprize.org/education/domeshow) and conceptualizing craft for missions at ESA the European Space Agency. My goal is to develop my skill-set further and move into Keyframe Concept Design for Feature Film.

    I'm really excited for IMT and the opportunities to build new relationships between artistic and intellectual personalities and projects. Informing conceptual artwork with scientific logic has been a staple in many of the projects I've worked on and can't wait to see and hear about what this community builds.

    I thought I'd add a recent keyframe concept piece of mine completed while studying with Andree Wallin at the www.conceptartworkshop.com,

    The keyframe is captioned:
    A Lone Astronaut Reaches Out to Earth's Last Refugees in Space

    AWC_Assignment_Interior_JLewis -Week10.jpg

    Many Thanks,

  2. Welcome to the group James
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  3. that is great, we also have some ties with space projects. We will let you know if there would be some opportunities available
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