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  1. GavinG
    Hi Barmak! Sorry for the late reply, I never got a noticed your message on my work, but my full name is Gavin Grigsby and my email is, and my cgs email is...
  2. Barmak
    Hi Gavin, what is your full name and email?
  3. Anjali Chandrashekar
    @Barmak I'm from Chennai, India but currently based in New York. My email is
  4. Barmak
    where are you from? if from India where in India? could you please send me your gmail?
  5. Sourav Dhar
    @Barmak Although professionally I am a concept artist and matte painter, academically I have been a bio-technologist. So after about a decade I got a chance to speak about some crazy ideas I had...