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sergent kelly

its a proposition for a ai governed traffic control system. it will solve the flow problem and one will be able to program traffic through. well through computing.

sergent kelly
Sabbir Ahmed, May 8, 2017
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    • Barmak
      You need to be more detailed and also tell a story in a visual fashion.
    • Sabbir Ahmed
      well i thought it conveyed all possibilities. basically its a tram system. but instead of trams on line you use pods or cars. they don't have any ownership. it comes. you get in it drives you to the destination. but you can't have a drive by though. the other way of implementing it will be using the ai as a guidance system for traffic control. the simulation takes place in a particle flow like system and controlled by the system engineer directly from the board. to the car. that is the flow control. the other markers are just hardware assessment. like one needs a better version of point to object proximation. it can be a card as well. unique id contains the dimension of the car. so you know how far to stay away from it. for domestic areas. one has to have the first i guess. or for the occasional dog crossing. what else..... well that sums it up i guess. that is the future of ai concept. one last thing would be how autopilot turns off. because you are still part of the traffic system. so you need to disengage at a certain point approved by sergeant kelly. so no 360's. this is implementable without pods as well. as for a informatics system. something like google earth. but a complete road information that guides the driver. but i guess uber has it already. this is a district based concept.
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