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  1. GavinG
    Hi Barmak! Sorry for the late reply, I never got a noticed your message on my work, but my full name is Gavin Grigsby and my email is gavingrigsby@gmail.com, and my cgs email is...
  2. Barmak
    Hi Gavin, what is your full name and email?
  3. Anjali Chandrashekar
    @Barmak I'm from Chennai, India but currently based in New York. My email is anjali93@gmail.com
  4. Barmak
    where are you from? if from India where in India? could you please send me your gmail?
  5. Sourav Dhar
    @Barmak Although professionally I am a concept artist and matte painter, academically I have been a bio-technologist. So after about a decade I got a chance to speak about some crazy ideas I had...