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  1. Barmak
    Barmak Rodrigo Galdino
    hi Rodrigo could you please send me your contact info? thanks
    1. Rodrigo Galdino
      Rodrigo Galdino
      Sorry Barmak, I just saw your message. Here it goes

      Phone- 2488770256
      Jun 6, 2017
  2. Barmak
    Barmak Jort van welbergen
    Hi Jort where are you participating from?
  3. Barmak
    Barmak Anjali Chandrashekar
    if you didn't make it to that then we can include your submission in our featured video but we will not be able to print it in the exhibition.
  4. Barmak
    Barmak Anjali Chandrashekar
    Deadline is 27th midnight EST
  5. Barmak
  6. Sireon Rien
  7. James Lewis
    James Lewis
  8. LACHERY Renaud
    LACHERY Renaud
    Designer produit / Illustrateur
  9. Gautham Pasupuleti
    Gautham Pasupuleti
    Founder at CornealX
  10. Yielsort Kein
  11. Barmak
    Barmak Enzo Vito
    Hi Enzo, take a look at our iMT-Xprize challenge, its a great oppertunity for engineers like you to make their ideas being heard
  12. Hiertos Kien
  13. winxkiz
  14. mario maanj
  15. nancy jacubs
  16. nancy jacubs
  17. Barmak
    Barmak James Lewis
    Hi James would be nice to have link to your profile or background here
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  18. endovex73
  19. endovex73
  20. Moussa Reidaei
    Moussa Reidaei
    Interdisciplinary Tech_Extra Bionics _Behind the solar system and galaxies_Life and world