Solid state lidars are here exactly when we predicted and exactly how we predicted

SS lidars prediction comes true!
  1. In 2015 in one of our designs we predicted solid state lidars and the fact that multiple one of them would be needed at different corners of the cars (see blue lights on top of the car), two years ahead we are seeing exact same idea coming to reality this is definitely a hit for Imaginarium of Technology. see more details in our 2015 concept which was later endorsed by TOYOTA.

    Barmak Imaginarium of Technolgoy 1-1 (1).jpg

    As MIT Technology Review wrote: "
    Typically, a lidar rig is the most distinctive part of a self-driving car: it looks like an oversize coffee can mounted on the car’s roof, whirling around as it spits out laser pulses. And the most commonly spotted sensors are made by Velodyne, whose top-end devices cost tens of thousands of dollars.
    But Velodyne has now announced a new kind of solid-state lidar sensor that promises to be smaller and far cheaper than current mechanical versions. Instead of spinning, these devices guide laser beams using electronic beam steering. While that means that a single sensor can only cover a 120-degree field of view, so a car would need three to do the same job as its rotating counterpart, they can still see up to 200 meters away."


    here is the link to the original article:

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