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iMT-XPRIZE Challenge Winners Announcement
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    Illustrations are the cradle of human imaginations and intellect. We believe that engineering starts from dreams, dreams that are made of pictures each worth a thousand words. At Imaginarium of Technology (iMT) we seek to be the first to conceive, capture and refine these pictures. We seek to communicate ideas, solutions, and technologies at and beyond the cutting edge. This brings us in a strong synergy with XPRIZE, an organization that encourages technologies that can benefit mankind. The “A.I. for Good” idea illustration challenge held by iMT and XPRIZE has expanded our vision of possibilities of AI and provided the opportunity to communicate that vision to our influential audience at A.I. for Good Global summit. Our judges; Jessie Kawata Creative Strategist at NASA JPL, Amir Banifatemi Lead of AI XPRIZE and Mathias Verhasselt art director of Blizzard Entertainment have voted unanimously of the following idea illustrations to be recognized as the winners of the iMT-XPRIZE challenge on AI for Good.

    Without further ado our winners of 2017 “AI for Good” idea illustration challenge are:

    At the third place: Francis Goeltner from Germany with the idea of “Ending hunger with AI-Controlled farming”.


    Francis illustration is composed of 8 detailed beautiful visuals that explain how AI can be used to make vertical farming a reality and possibly create mutualism and social advantage for outcasts of society.

    iMT-Xprize Francis Goeltner 3rd Imaginarium of Technology.jpg

    Jessie from NASA has loved the visuals of this piece and Mathias from Blizzard entertainment has praised this entry. In his comments on the piece he writes “ Very nice presentation, and an area that could definitely benefit from AI, even if this kind of vertical farming might still be slightly far-fetched.”

    Also at the third place with a tie score to our previous winner is ...Anjali Chandreshkar and her co-ideator Adi Sidapara from Chennai, India with the idea of “Companion Chat” Which is an AI enabled chatbot for sexual assault victims.

    iMT-XPRIZE Anjali 3 Imaginarium of Technology.jpg

    This entry is composed of only three clean visuals but the idea is so right on and well detailed that it has excited all of our judges.


    The idea is just practical, impactful, and something that we love to share with the world. Sexual assault is a big problem around the world and especially in developing countries. To see our creative participants taking this challenge as an opportunity to convey their brilliant solutions for such problems hits us at the core. Jessie of NASA says: “I think it's great to see the problem statement being identified in the beginning. I wonder if it would benefit for the app to help form networks. Being able to share first and foremost is important, but I imagine that these women also feel alone and could benefit from chatting with a larger community as well.” We hope that ideas illustrations such as this one can inspire our guests at A.I. for Good global summit.

    After our amazing third placers the winner at the second place is ….Rodrigo Galdino from Irvine, USA, with the idea of “Seed AI Self Sustaining Hub”.


    Rodrigo’s entry is composed of 20 visuals with six cinematic renders and 14 concept sketches which just shows the level of dedication of the participant in the higher cause of this challenge.

    iMT-Xprize Rodrigo Galdino 2nd Imaginarium of Technology.jpg

    The illustration explains a hub that can be thrown in a remote area via an airplane. The hub is imagined to have a program that can allow it to dig into the ground to irrigate its inner seeds and start a small farm around it all by itself. The hub is also imagined to provide internet and other types of assistance. While the idea itself is valuable on the conceptual level and symbolic in its message the extensive cinematic visuals of this entry have blown away all of our judges. Amir from AI XPRIZE recognized this as one of the best entries for him in this entire challenge. In her notes about this winner Jessie Kawata of NASA writes ”Wow! What a great concept. The user scenarios were helpful. I like how this concept identified the socioeconomic impact as well. Renderings were effective and beautiful.”

    And Finally at the first place stands Jort van Welbergen from Rome with the idea of “Smart disaster relief system”.


    The entry is composed of 8 3D models presented in 22 sequential visuals. What brings this submission to the top of our finalists among all other drone ideas in this competition is the level of sophistication that is expressed in the idea. The ideator has imagined a set of cohesive and yet notably different drones that collaborate in a complementary way to assist with the disaster condition. One drone provides internet, the other seeks the victims and the other lifts up heavy weights.

    iMT-Xprize Vort van Welbergen 1st Imaginarium of Technology.jpg

    Our Judge Mathias Verhasselt from Blizzard Entertainment writes: “Great presentation. Use of a swarm of AI bots for disaster relief seems useful and realistic in the short/mid term.” Amir from AI XPRIZE also endorses this idea and writes “Disaster relief is important. and while the technology is not a breakthrough via each component, it is interesting to show the combined efforts” Jessie of NASA JPL writes “Really awesome system. It was great to see the problem and needs first in the upper left. I definitely knew that the narrative needed to start there. This has a use-case scenario and tech that can be effective today... ”

    These winning illustrations and their artists and ideators will be featured by Xprize and the Imaginarium of Technology. The winning illustrations were also presented (exhibited) at the A.I. for Good Global Summit held at Geneva Switzerland. This is an exceptionally high profile event where organizations and institutions such as World Health Organizations, United Nations, UNICEF,UNESCO, Stanford AI labs, Microsoft research, Google, Baidu, MIT, etc. are present at executive level. The winning illustrations will also be featured in Engineering Eye video series of iMT. The ideators are also invited to visit XPRIZE at LA or iMT at Cambridge MA at their convenience. They are also invited to attend the AI for Good Global Summit 2018 with no registration fee.

    Robot Sophia from Handson Robotics giving a speech.
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    We thanks all the organizers, participants, curators, and especially our judges and press crew from ITU, XPRIZE and iMT. To learn more about the announcement ceremony and see the videos and pictures follow us on facebook @imtspace or on instagram @imtspace.

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