iMT interview with Prof. Khademhosseini on Future of Tissue Engineering

What is the future of plastic surgery and tissue engineering? An interview with Imaginarium of Technology honorary member Prof. Ali Khademhossini.
By Barmak, May 6, 2017 | |
  1. In the world of concept art, the artists are free to imagine what ever creatures and body shapes they wish to. But in the world of science things are pretty strict and bounded by the laws of biology. In this video we sat down with the Harvard professor and iMT honorary member Ali Khademhosseini. Ali Khademhossini currently leads a group of over 60 people at Harvard Medical school where they are engineering organs on the chip. These chips can mimic the human organ behavior with respect to drugs and thus eliminate the need for animal tests and reduce the time for clinical trials and development of medical treatments. During his visit to our exhibition at MIT media lab, Prof. Khademhossini sat down with us to talk a little bit more about how far can this technology go and what he likes the art community to think about when they are coming up with new ideas that involves elements of biology. See the full interview here:

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    Cover art: lady by supratim sarkar

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