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    It is a great honor to have Amir Banifatemi as honorary member of imaginarium. Amir Banifatemi was the organizer of TEDxLA 2016. At XPRIZE he is the Prize Lead of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.

    Prior to joining XPRIZE, Mr. Banifatemi began his career at the European Space Agency and then held executive positions at Airbus, AP-HP and the European Commission division for information society and media. He managed two venture capital funds and contributed to the formation of more than 10 startups with emphasis on Predictive Technologies, IoT, and Healthcare. Mr. Banifatemi is a guest lecturer and an adjunct MBA professor at UC Berkeley, Chapman University, Claremont McKenna College, UC Irvine, and HEC Paris.

    He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology of Compiègne, a Doctorate in System Design and Cognitive Sciences from the University Paris Descartes, as well as an MBA from HEC Paris.

    After the exhibition here is what he thinks of the Imaginarium of Technology:

    "The connection between artists and scientists may not be an obvious one for the general public. During TEDxLA 2016, one of the important element of the event was the innovation alley that hosted various showcases, experiments, and unusual encounters from innovators from around the world. As part of this innovation alley, we had the opportunity to dedicate a good part of the floor to host the “idea exhibition” imagined and curated by Barmak Heshmat. More than 1500 people went through the exhibition during breaks and intermissions. I had the chance to discuss with our team and visitors and the overall experience was unique in the sense that most people expected to see artistic rendering or scientific facts or discoveries. We noticed that most visitors were spending a lot of time in front of the drawings, discussing, taking pictures, and trying to agree on futuristic scenarios. We had a live feedback of how people can be transported into imaginary worlds that are conceived by a strong scientific prediction and rendered in an artistic narrative. As we discussed furthermore about the experience, we saw that these pieces were also part of an online platform, the “imaginarium of technology”. While browsing it, we thought of it as a museum of ideas, that can be permanent, connect various people and companies around the world, capture imaginations, and go beyond what physical museums can do. The fact that we observed live what interactions and interest it can generate, is probably a first unveiling of what the overall platform could do in a global level to capture imagination and allow everyone to see how technology can be embedded in our future lives."

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