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    iMT-NASA concept challenge winners announcement.

    Congratulations to winners of the iMT-NASA concept challenge on "Intracity Airborne Transportation"
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    Pure math meets concept art! Meet prof. Artan Sheshmani

    iMT Honorary member Artan Sheshmani brings math to Imaginarium of Technology
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    iMT-XPRIZE challenge winners

    iMT-XPRIZE Challenge Winners Announcement
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    iMT interview with Prof. Khademhosseini on Future of Tissue Engineering

    What is the future of plastic surgery and tissue engineering? An interview with Imaginarium of Technology honorary member Prof. Ali Khademhossini.
  5. Honorary member: Amir Banifatemi

    New honorary member
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    Can jet packs be replaced by Electric Jumper Jets?

    Surge batteries will empower fast robotics.